Savannah Blue Arts and Outreach believes in the future of our youth. We believe they need the opportunity to be heard and voice their experiences, views, and passions in the form of The Spoken Word. The therapeutic instrument with pen in hand that has been a great release to so many poets and continues to create beauty to the Arts.  Since Savannah Blue began in 2010 we have sought to extend the positive effect and influence of performance poetry through workshops for youth.
It is our Mission  to teach and hold programs to the youth in nurturing the growth of the imagination and awakening students to the adventures of language, writing, and reading.  
It is our Vision keep the art of The Spoken Word alive and thriving through teaching our youth for the next generational Poets.  The education of reading and writing on levels that can be learned by direction but comes from their own individuality of originality.  They learn confidence and acceptance of the people they want to become while facing todays world of challenges and fears. 
It is in our Values  we stand firm on the impact of the diverse community in society that no young person should be turned away from an education regardless of race, sexual identity, religion, or income status.   The space to feel safe enough to not be judged and understand that it takes time to learn with patience , practice, and over time. We also support our teachers in the way they approach the different styles of creative writing to help each child designed for his or her own uniqueness.
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